Alberghi Diffusi: almost like home!

You could call them Hotels but they have something more than traditional residential structures. Most of them are located in small historic villages, scattered around in the most beautiful and fascinating spots of our “Bel Paese”.

Italy can offer about seventy of them, each one with its own history to tell. All of them were brought back to life by the love and passion of the owners who often left their life to soak in the timeless atmosphere of these small heavens, sharing with travelers their way of life in enjoying the area.

Why “Diffusi”? Rooms or apartments are not in one main building but displaced in the village that relives the good old glories of the past and continues to tell his stories. In short, an horizontal residence, rather than vertical. These hotels are the perfect place for those of you who like to live in contact with the residents, to feel almost like home, even if you are hundreds miles away. Here we propose you a route from North to South, to whet your appetite for travel in a different way.

North Central

If you want to discover a region that has a lot to offer but is a bit out of the traditional destinations, choose Romagna. Here you can take a path that goes from the mountains to the sea. Start from Portico di Romagna, where Antico Convento is. A medieval town, founded by the Romans and for a long time the capital of the Tuscan Romagna. Here Dante and Beatrice met for the first time!

antico convento portico di romagna

Driving toward the coast, you will discover the hinterland of Rimini and especially the Valmarecchia, where Verucchio stands on a pointed rock. The Mastin Vecchio, the strategic fortress of the Malatesta family, offers you a breath taking overview on the sea and on the smoothy hills around. Do not forget to visit the archeologic museum, one of the main centers of the Villanovan civilization. Le Case Antiche will offer you a very special place to rest and enjoy the valley.

Going down towards the center of Italy, you can choose the streets of the oil and wine that will guide you deep in the Marche, Umbria and Tuscany lands, from Palazzolo al Senio, where you can stop at Locanda sul Senio, to Botonta Tower, a xth century castle built by Albornoz and then continue in Lazio, Amatrice at Villa Retrosi, in the homeland of Amatriciana.

locanda-senio albergo diffuso

Centre South

Starting from Campania, we recommend the Convento San Basilio, Amalfi, located right in the center, where you will stay in the old rooms of the Benedictine convent, reserved for noble women of Amalfi, with stunning views of the gulf; descending towards the Basilicata, you can head to stay in Matera Sextantio, where the rooms are located in the famous stones, to arrive in Calabria, Belmonte, a small village overlooking the sea, green and clear in this region.

sextantio albergo diffuso matera

While strolling around the South, do not forget Puglia. In the village of Borgo Oria, the fortified castle, still protecting the town, offers you the old typical houses, restored to invite and host the tourists and live a very stunning flashback. Or, if you love and know the Trulli, you can stay at Trullidea, a small village became an Albergo Diffuso, preserving the structures of the old buildings.

The last stages, before moving in Sardinia, are Molise and Abruzzo. Sant’Angelo Limosano, perched at the base of ruined castle, 900 meters. above sea level. Enjoys the panorama that stretches from the Tremiti islands to the tops of the Maiella, here you will find the Perbacco, right in the center of the village. From this spot follow the Abruzzi mountains: a few steps from Rome, stop at Rovere, a small community defended by a wall and a castle, with a still existing main building, right on top of the hill on which stands the village.

Sicily and Sardinia

Among the many structures we chose Le Case dello Zodiaco in Modica. City famous for its architecture (UNESCO World Heritage), its buildings and its chocolate. Here, the popular hotel is made up of five houses, all made of stone, scattered across the country, from which to enjoy the unique view of this baroque jewel.

In Sardinia, instead, we chose to stay at Oma Axiu, which in Sardinian means Vargiu house, a 200 year old house which is now an ethnographic museum. In the various rooms that make up the house is possible to reconstruct the gestures and ancient crafts, smell the scents and flavors of dishes typical of the peasant society of Sarcidano.

casa vargiu albergo diffuso sardegna

Useful Tips

You can find all the information about hotels disseminated to their website,, or directly on the websites of the structures that we told you about.

Alessandra Catania

I’m that kind of person who loves hearing stories from local people and see places, or better dive into them with my two feet! Living unconventional and undiscovered spots make me feel alive, that’s why I’m spending my life in traveling and writing!

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