Best five Italian Architects

I propose an accurate selection of the top five Italian architects in the contemporary overview , what we feel are the best Italian contemporary Architects. The stress is on these contemporary architects that contributed to widen their architecture practices on an international basis.

The most Italian architects always celebrated are Carlo Scarpa, Aldo Rossi, Giancarlo De Carlo, Giuseppe Terragni.


Cuurrently the most famous Italian architects are Renzo Piano, Cino Zucchi, Antonino Cardillo, Mario Botta, Cino Boeri and Marco Casamonti. Emergent in the sector the design studio of Prato, Mdu placed on the highest-ranking , at the fourth position in the classification of the best Italian architects according to

Which is an online portal, web specialized in the collection of projects and completion of architecture in Europe. Barberis stated that the web portal is popular among people who revolve around design and urban planning.


Great satisfaction for the four associates architects of Mdu, Valerio Barberis, Alessandro Corradini, Cristiano Cosi e Marcello Marchesini honored to have obtained this result and voted by experts in the field of design, photography who considered their efficient architecture practices.

Yes indeed the Mdu partners were involved in the realization of the “Camera di Commercio” headquarters and a cultural athletic association in Castelnuovo. In addition they realized the theatre in Montalto di Castro and the council library of Greve in Chianti, while abroad they looked after the planning and realization of an exhibition complex of 40 square meter in China called “Principi d’Italia” for the advertising and promotion of the Made in Italy in Orient.

They focus on urban planning and interior design. Their action field are contemporary landscapes and the study of reality from an unconventional point of view, which analyses the inner controversies of reality itself.

About the best International architectural award Pritzker Architecture Prize 2014 which is the most important award in the architecture field, a kind of Nobel Award of the sector, in the classification there are two Italian Architects Aldo Rossi and Renzo Piano.


Renzo Piano of the main Italian architects notable abroad for a great amount of projects, in particular I would like to show you the London Bridge Tower also known as the Shard “La Scheggia”, located beside London Bridge Station on the south bank of the river Thames.


It’s a sustainable urban project to reduce traffic congestion in the city according to the urban vision and policy of London Mayor Ken Livingstone. He obtained the Pritzker Architecture Award 1998. Cino Zucchi which completed the urban metamorphosis of Porta Nuova in Milan turning it into one of the most important center of the “new” Milan. He realized his urban reformation with the construction of the housing scheme well known as “La Costa Verde”.


Aldo Rossi’s design architecture practice appreciated internationally for his theoretical theories evolved from different influences: from Adolf Loos great architect and theorist, to Italian modernism, to surrealist painter De Chirico. In his book “l’architettura della città” (The Architecture of the city) he explains that the goal of an architect is to be sensitive to cultural and urban context making use of historical design rather than reinventing typologies.

His most famous work is San Cataldo Cemetery in Modena, “City of Dead” famous because reflected the social perspective of the architect in which he explores the thematic elements put in forth in his book.


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