Best Typical Food and Wine From Salento

Best Typical Food and Wine From Salento

The boot heel: this is Salento in Italy. Is located at the southern end of Puglia (Apulia) region, between the Adriatic Sea and the Ionian Sea. The Salento and its beautiful capital Lecce, and in the last fifteen years has had a massive tourism increase than this province has become one of prefer part of Italy by foreign travelers.

Agreat tradition of hospitality and a good promotion in the last two decades have contributed to the Salento’s success. The province had made an original advertising campaign to aim Great Britain and North Europe tourism and the benefits of this campaign have been nearly immediate.

Best Typical Food and Wine From Salento

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Salento is a very fascinating land where you can find some stunning coasts with fabulous landscape and beaches, a city like Lecce with its wonderful Baroque historic center and much more. It is a country where you can breathe its ancient Greek origins and the multitude of colors that can be found in landscapes and in its cities this unique piece of Italy.


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One of the Salento’s distinguishing features is its cuisine. Salento boasts an ancient wine and food tradition, passed down from generation to generation, keeping in time delicious dishes that make this land even more distinctive.
It is a rustic, homemade, natural, simple kitchen by rustic and intense scents from the countryside and Mediterranean herbs. The Salento cuisine is characterized mainly by the presence of the vegetables that are the very foundation of the traditional Mediterranean diet.
We want to suggest you some dishes typical you must taste during your Salento holiday.

fave nette Apulian dish

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Fave nette is one of the typical dishes of Salento culinary tradition and comes from the farmer tradition. This recipe consists of mashed fava beans soaked and then cooked in water, on which reclines tasty wild chicory, boiled and cooked with olive oil, onion, garlic and water and at the end seasoned with the Salento extra virgin olive oil. Perfect to be enjoyed with toasted bread and a glass of wine.

Ciciri e Tria

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Ciciri e tria is pasta and chickpeas dish. Precisely the “ciciri” are the chickpeas in the local dialect, while the “tria” are a particular kind of pasta that housewives are used to make at home with water and flour. The chickpeas are cooked with onion, celery and carrots, while the pasta is usually cooked in salted water. The peculiarity of the dish is that the excess phyllo dough used for the pasta, is fried in olive oil to form the so-called “frizzuli”, which give the plate a particular tasty.

The scapece is a dish with medieval origins, thought from the particular need of having to store food for long periods. It’s easy to find it find in the summer festivals around the Salentina peninsula.
It is fried fish kept in a special marinade made of bread soaked in vinegar.


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In Salento the horse meat is a delicacy and the summer food festivals are the opportunities to enjoy this specialty in many versions, like the “pezzetti di cavallo” (pieces of horse) meat on the grill or in sandwiches.
The most beloved version is the pieces of horse with sauce cooked in a traditional clay pot high and pot-bellied, with garlic, celery, onion and tomato sauce. A perfect dish especially if accompanied by good local red wine.

pezzetti di cavallo

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Cecamarini is another Salentine delicacy. They are essentially savory fritters consisting of flour, onion, zucchini, tomatoes, capers and peppers.

The Salento is a sunny land and its Mediterranean climate makes it that in this land is produced excellent wine quality, both white and blacks.

It is the most famous wine of Salento is the Salice Salentino. Its dark ruby red color has shades of purple; its intense scent includes a hint of plum and cherry. It has a rich and well-structured taste with a pleasantly bitter aftertaste, and is accompanied excellently flavored first, meats and cheeses.

negramaro vineyard in Apulia

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“Negro Amaro”, “Niuru Maru”, “Nero Leccese”; the Negroamaro is a black wine known with different names, but that embodies a unique soul with a unique taste and is appreciated throughout Italy and abroad.
For the production of Negroamaro are used the grapes whose introduction in Southern Puglia is attributed, by historical sources, to the Greeks.

Negroamaro has an intense ruby-dark garnet red color, with almost black tones. Its aroma is intense and fruity, which clearly recalls small black berries, sometimes with light hints of tobacco. The taste is slightly bitter, but full, dry and round.
The Alezio Rosso has a deep red or pink color and it is obtained from Negroamaro grapes, with the addition of Malvasia Nera di Lecce, Sangiovese and Montepulciano. The production area of this wine, which has a pleasantly bitter flavor, includes Alezio, Sannicola and part of Gallipoli and Tuglie.

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