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Welcome home!

But, wait: which home? Not your usual, but probably the one you dream about. It’s called Casa Jasmina and it stands in via da Montefeltro, in Turin, near the toolbox and the Arduino labs. It was Massimo Banzi, Arduino’s designer and innovator, who announced its creation last September.

He worked together with sci-fi writer Bruce Sterling: they planned the Open Source Connected Apartment, a house furnished with interconnected appliances and filled up with open source decors.

Sterling and his wife, Jasmina Tesanovic, were the first two people to ever sleep in it: there were no windows and no pieces of furniture, it was not comfortable, but the couple knew they were sleeping in the future.

“In the last 5 years” he stated, “ I have listened to various projects concerning the future of houses, but they all were fakes with mere expository aims. We want to do something different. We want to build a place where people can live for real and experiment the future”. And, indeed, the Casa Jasmina will be a place suitable for living: in fact, Airbnb users will soon be able to rent it!

What makes Casa Jasmina so special?

Casa Jasmina

In his essay “The Epic struggle of the Internet of Things”, Bruce Sterling wrote that Casa Jasmina is built around the Internet of Things (IoT) reality: “the Internet of Things has the aim to invade all furnishing and appliances”, monitoring all aspects and interacting with the dwellers.

“It will be an epic battle, we’ll do everything we can and, if we are lucky, we’ll make some illuminating errors”. What does it mean that a house is connected? To what is it connected? Easy: its’ connected to us. It understands our needs, our moods and reacts accordingly.

The Casa Jasmina project starts from the Valcucine kitchen, hacked and connected to the whole house structure and dialoguing with it. Every single piece of furniture will be designed according to futuristic details and styles, mainly created by the Arduino Fablab.

Casa Jasmina is likely to treasure a kitchen table Opendesk with 6 chairs, all different one to the other. The children’s room will be decorated with sophisticated music toys and drawing machines.

Casa Jasmina in Turin

Casa Jasmina has three main functions:

– a real world testbed for hacks, experiments and digital fabrication projects

– a neat space for public exposure of excellent artifacts

– a guest house for occasional visitors of Torino’s fablabs.

These three functions make Casa Jasmina a unique place. In fact, although it looks like an apartment, it is actually a combination of lab, space gallery and B&B: therefore, it treasures dynamicity and modernity.

Any digital maker will have the chance, if they want to, to come to Casa Jasmina, sleep in it, live in it and create useful innovative objects that, maybe, others will integrate with their own creations.

What’s next

Casa Jasmina interior design

First, Casa Jasmina must be built. Then, the aim is to encourage industries into creating similar spaces, or at least start projecting innovative tomorrow’s living spaces. Thus, Casa Jasmina is an incubator and the predecessor of real, innovative dwellings.

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