Cooking Italian: the books to start

“The food is gorgeous”. This is the most common comment of a foreign tourist coming to Italy for the first time or, better, coming back again. We would say food is one of the main reasons that take people to Italy, together with the monuments, the nature and the culture.

Do it yourself

So more and more frequently in these recent years, both international chefs and other gourmand (such as bloggers or just successful passionate) have tried to concentrate some of the Italian way of eating in books that, sometimes, look more as Italian cooking for dummies.


But the DIY fashion has at least one big advantage: educates people to do their meals, cooking fresh products and using healthy garnishment, following the Mediterranean way of eating. The best example of this new vague is Jamie Oliver, now a star you can see everywhere. An industry of food that started with books and now has a restaurants chain, some TV programs and many other businesses.

The Oliver’s Jamie’s Italy has the classical learning by doing style, where you can cook some nice dishes just following the detailed instruction. Do not expect a famous chef level cuisine, or else some technique tips to better your way of preparing food, but it is god enough to start.


Talking about a real and famed super chef, Gordon Ramsey, the terrible patron of Hell’s Kitchen and many other Tv shows, has dedicated a book to the world kitchen, including also some Italian dishes. Ramsey has a special teaching technique, watching him cooking is really useful even if you are a beginner, that keeps simple even the most difficult preparation. Maybe not for real beginner, but for those who want to understand deeply the secrets of the chefs.

And last (almost) but not least, we would advise Nigellissima, instant Italian inspiration, a read and do book, done with the Nigella style, Tv journalist who became very famous by her cooking philosophy.

The real deal


Foreign talking about Italian cuisine do not interest you? Well, read the only and unique bible of Italian Cooking: The science in the Kitchen and the art of well eating by Pellegrino Artusi. The book where still now the great chefs such as Carlo Cracco and Massimo Bottura, find their inspiration.

Alessandra Catania

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