Cremona, not only lutes. The gourmet rice tradition

“All the roads take you to Rome”. This is an old said that is actually quite true in Italy. Starting from the ancient Francigena or the Salaria. Every Region has its own Strada dei Vini e dei Sapori (wines and tastes route), which tells about the regional specialties.

Also the rice has its own route called La strada del riso e del Risotto Mantovano.

Follow the street of the rice

Since years the Road of Rice and Risotto Mantovani worked to pass on the culture and specificity of this food, as well as promote awareness of rural Mantua: flat terrain, full of canals, ditches and canals. These are the characteristics of the area that extends from the left bank of the Mincio and the border with the Veneto.


And, thanks to these features, it is established that the cultivation of rice has brought fame and fortune in this land.

Almost all the rice fields of Mantua have specialized in the cultivation of Vialone Nano, quality of rice, it is said, was discovered in Pavia in 1920, this quality is characterized by a small grain and round with important organoleptic properties, able to keep the cooking and therefore suitable for the preparation of rice. Another variety of rice cultivated Carnaroli, from the long-grain and thin.

A story 70 kilometers long

The Road of Rice and Risotto Mantovani is accompanying you through many events, festivals and festivities, during which it is tasted the rice in its endless culinary combinations. The Road is about 70 kilometers long and crosses 12 municipalities. An emotional voyage in the past of these lands that will let you enter in one of the undiscovered areas of Italy.


Rice is a very important part of the Italian kitchen, starting from the Milanese Risotto. But these lands have developed in the ages their own traditions. Among the recipes of Mantua, the “risotto alla pilot” with pesto pork; risotto with tench, catfish, with frogs and snails.

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