Discovering Italy with the Historical Mansions

Italy is this: there is not a road, a corner, a landscape, a stone that does not tell about the ancient history of this beautiful country. Roman temples, medieval palaces, Renaissance mansions and much more. Open to all, or nearly so, even if a lot sadly still remains hidden and, in the meantime, victim of disfigurement led by the hand of man.

In recent years, the Italian range of accommodation has been enriched more and more with examples of fine restored palaces and villas, brought to new life mainly by private investment. Stately homes, hunting lodges, historic buildings, converted into five-star resort for those who want to experience Italy in the atmosphere of the past.

Live like a castle

We poked around in the official website of the Italian historic houses,, to find out a bit of those hidden treasures that foreign tourists love, and not only them. These sites tell the memory of Italy’s past, a historical-artistic and architectural heritage of each country, the building, villa, castle and garden in every city, large or small it may be, is an essential part of his cultural identity.


Such as Relais Villa Bel Poggio, of the Fiorilli family to which Tiberius, called “Scaramuccia”, belonged, a famous playwright who worked for Moliere at the court of Louis XIV; or Villa D’Este, which belonged to Princess Caroline of Brunswick, Princess of Wales and betrothed of King George IV of England.

The story here is experienced in all aspects of fairy-tale: the environments are mostly authentic, both in facilities and furnishings of the common areas, while private parts recall the glories of the ancient owners. Not the usual, albeit luxurious, 4-star hotel, but real homes where luxury is not something specially created ex novo, but it is one to which the original owners had become accustomed to their time.

Most of these houses are in places rich in history, from which to explore the history of the place with a different eye. Staying in a historic home is a unique experience, especially in Italy. A memory to take with them and relive forever.


Alessandra Catania

I’m that kind of person who loves hearing stories from local people and see places, or better dive into them with my two feet! Living unconventional and undiscovered spots make me feel alive, that’s why I’m spending my life in traveling and writing!

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