The best activities to do in Rome with family and kids

The best activities to do in Rome with family and kids

When travelling with the family, the most important thing is a great planning. So why don’t you just add these proposals to your to-do list for the next journey in Rome?

Let’s discover the Vatican!

Vatican Gardens Open to Public


As the Vatican City is not only the smallest state in the World, with its 0.44 square kilometres, and it is also a state inside another state (Italy, of course!), just take the chance to cross the burden and find out all the secret wonders of this iconic location.
The best way to do it is to take the Vatican Gardens Guided Tour of Maya Tours in Rome. It is a two-hours visit through the beautiful gardens where the Popes, in history, have walked for calm and contemplation. Then you will be able to visit the incredible Sistine Chapel as well as have direct access – skipping the usual long line – for a self-guided tour of the Vatican Museums.

Attractions for all ages in Villa Borghese Public Park

musei vaticani

While discovering the magnificence of Rome, a picnic in the park can be the best solution for a break. And Villa Borghese, located right in the city centre, has all the conditions you may need. Into the 85 hectares of this Villa once belonged to the Borghese Princes, there is a lake where you can rent a small boat; you can also meet different species of animals at the Bioparco (Zoological Garden) and then you can see a faithful reproduction of the Globe Theatre which is the only Elizabethan theatre in Italy (during summer there is a rich programming of Shakespearean works).
Inside the park, in a gorgeous building of the 15th century called Casina di Raffaello there is a Ludoteca dedicated to all children aged 3 to 10 with a program of creative events and workshops during the entire year. There is also an area set up for babies from 0 to 3 years with their parents.
Lastly, there are three museums: Galleria Borghese, Carlo Bilotti Museum (in the Aranciera of Villa Borghese) and the house-studio of the sculptor Pietro Canonica. These last two have free entry for both residents and tourists.

Artificial lake at Villa Borghese


Borghese Gallery Rome


The Eur area: a renewed amusement park and some water features

Luneur Amusement Park


Luneur when being old is just a matter of numbers. Indeed, this park was originally opened in 1953, and following a recent eight-years stop, it has just come back this winter with new attractions as well as some classic carousels, together with games, activities, and a beautiful park: all for families and kids from zero to 12 years old. These kids also helped the Park to conquer, on the reopening day, the Guinness World Record for the exposition, in the same place, of 576 different rounds.
Further, as you walk across the nearby Parco del Ninfeo, you will then be meeting the neoclassical building Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana, also known as the “Square Colosseum”. Then, it comes a jewel of landscape architecture that has seen the light again in 2017 after fifty-six years: the Giardino delle cascate, made of fountains and waterfalls in a wonderful green setting.

Luna Park at EUR Rome


Still curious?

Visit Videogames Museum in Rome

Credits: By Barbiere1138 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

The Video Game Museum of Rome (VIGAMUS) is the first Italian museum entirely dedicated to interactive games. Since videogames are becoming a significant part of our cultural heritage, this museum offers not only a wide exhibition but also special tours and virtual reality experiences.

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