Top best beaches in Italy

Italian beaches are often an amazing and glorious escape, but with more of 7,500 kilometres of coastline Italy boasts a great amount of holiday resort we could choose from, so it’s hard to know where to spend money and above all to determine which are worth visiting.

If you start planning your summer trip here we made a selection of some of the best beaches destination in Italy. Glance at the destination you absolutely have to visit if you would like to live an unforgettable summer. You won’t change your mind!

Marina dell’Isola, Tropea



Marina dell’Isola, Tropea is well known as the “Pearl of Tyrrhenian” , Tropea Beach located in the region of Calabria, it easily wins the contest for the most beautiful white sand beaches in the Mediterranean. It’s a spectacular holiday resort and although its setting is post card-perfect it is still unknown to most visitors. The beaches of “Marina dell’Isola” in particular between the area of “Isola bella” and “Spiaggia della Rotonda” with its dream setting, an uncontaminated sea and landscape will conquer you without a doubt .

Tropea Beach is thus famous for its spectacular sandy beaches, warm crystal water and the old town with its palazzi built in the golden stone right into the cliffs. The natural beauty of Tropea Beaches with its magnificent landscape makes it a top beach destination for most Italians.

Marina Piccola Capri



It doesn’t need to be introduced since it is well known The beaches of Marina Piccola are the perfect place where you could enjoy the beautiful season and the bright and deep color of an inviting sea. You could reach The most famous beach here by walking through the stunning path of stairs and hairpins well known as via Krupp, from here you could enjoy the natural beauty of an island which is one of the most special setting in the world.

Fetovaia, Isola d’Elba in the arcipelago Toscano.



The Meditteranean scrub, the colors of the blossoming bloom, a lush promontory and the slope to the sea: that’s the description of a turquoise table where to make landfall and spend the sweetest hours of your holiday. The Beach of Fetovaia is the most beautiful of the island and one of the most uncontaminated in Italy . Wild and striking all the while it’s the perfect place where spend your time in summer.

Cala Spinosa, Santa Teresa Gallura in Sardinia.



You will reach the location after going through precipitous paths but the delay and the strain will be paid back . Repaired by a big granite stone coast this wonderful seaside in the small town of Capo di testa, will go you hog wild. It’s a little secret pit only for you, in which you can enjoy a refreshing bath in a crystalline water of many hints from blue to the emerald. The boulders brush this lonely trait of shore line making Cala Spinosa one of the most interesting place of the coast for scuba diving lovers.

Baia delle Zagare, Gargano, Puglia



Between Matinata and Vieste in the area of the Gargano National Park you will find this scented bay called “Baia delle Zagare” (here the air is inebriated all year long by the flowers of orange blossom “Zagare” from which the name of the place).

Not far away of the two stacks of bone-white rock ( the so called “Arco Magico” looks like has been shaped by an artist) there are striking marine cavern to be explored. The “Baia delle Zagare” (the bay of orange blossom) it’s an enchanting and relaxing natural treasure where you can appreciate its inebriating smell, and the Italian sea in all its beauty. Together with the wonderful sunny seashore of Salento, the Baia delle Zagare is one of the jewel of Puglia.

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    Your post was really useful for our holidays, truth I would like to suggest another great hidden treasure of the Mediterranean Sea wich is Capo Vaticano is an highly recommended place to visit in summer on the south of Italy
    Bye katia

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