Hidden Beaches of the Amalfi Coast

Hidden Beaches of the Amalfi Coast

Italy’s Amalfi coast is a gem of the Mediterranean. Known for its scenic drives and pebbly beaches, it also harbors less-known spots. These include romantic grottoes along the rocky coastline, waiting to be discovered.

About 25 miles lies between the Gulf of Naples and the Gulf of Salerno. Along this stretch, lie hidden grottoes, coves, and secluded beaches. From unreachable inlets to remote islets, the Amalfi Coast holds a lot for adventure seekers.

Key Takeaways

  • The Amalfi Coast boasts approximately 25 miles of stunning coastline between the Gulf of Naples and the Gulf of Salerno.
  • There are many secluded and hidden beaches, coves, and grottoes along the Amalfi Coast, away from the main tourist areas.
  • Accessing these hidden gems often requires some initiative and determination, such as hiking, climbing, or taking boat tours.
  • The Amalfi Coast offers a wealth of options for the intrepid traveler seeking a slice of Mediterranean paradise.
  • Key destinations include the Positano Beach, Amalfi Beach, Ravello Beach, Maiori Beach, Cetara Beach, Vietri sul Mare Beach, Atrani Beach, Minori Beach, and Conca dei Marini Beach.

Hidden Paradise on the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is about 25 miles long and sits between the Gulfs of Naples and Salerno. It’s known for its luxury hotels, old fishing villages, and tall cliffs. Plus, you’ll find quiet pebble beaches and hidden caves. Besides the popular spots, there are many secret places here. They are hard to reach, but for those who try, the Amalfi Coast can become their personal paradise.

The Gulf of Naples and the Gulf of Salerno

This coast is tucked between the Gulfs of Naples and Salerno, holding many hidden treasures. You can explore secret spots like Albori Marina’s quiet coves or enjoy Lannio Beach’s family-friendly atmosphere in Cetara. These lesser-known places offer a chance for an authentic, private experience.

Discovering Amalfi’s Secluded Coves and Beaches

If you’re up for an adventure, the Amalfi Coast has seclud ed beaches and coves waiting to be found. Lo Sgaruppo needs a hard climb down but is worth it for its peace. Aquachiara Beach in Maiori is calm with clear water, perfect for escaping the busyness. Then, there’s the stunning Fjord of Furore, a place not to miss for its beauty.

There’s something for everyone on the Amalfi Coast, whether you love hidden caves or want to find a private island. All it takes is a bit of courage and effort to find these special places. And in doing so, you could make some of the best memories in this amazing place.

Arc of Lovers/Runghetiello Grotto: Perfect for Honeymooners

Just west of Amalfi town is the hidden gem Santa Croce beach. It’s shaped like a crescent and framed by mountains, making it a beautiful, quiet spot. Those up for an adventure can kayak to Runghetiello Grotto, a remote cave.

Kayaking to Runghetiello Grotto

There are many sights to see on the way, like secluded beaches and old watchtowers. The journey includes passing the Arc of Lovers, known for a legend about kissing under it for eternal love. It all ends at Runghetiello Grotto, a hidden cave for unforgettable photos inside.

The Arch of Lovers and Everlasting Love

The Arc of Lovers is a sea-carved rock formation. Legend says marrying on top would bless couples with a love that never fades.

La Vite Beach: A Tranquil Cove

Ending the day at the quiet La Vite Beach is perfect for newlyweds. It’s a serene cove reachable only by water. Here, couples can soak in the restful scenery of the Amalfi Coast.

Bagni della Regina Giovanna: A Hidden Grotto Christened by Royalty

Just west of the lovely town of Sorrento is the Bagni della Regina Giovanna. It’s a hidden spot with a pool surrounded by rocks. This spot was the personal swimming pool of Giovanna d’Angiò, the Queen of Naples in the 14th century.

A Natural Pool Fit for a Queen

The Bagni della Regina Giovanna is a calm, beautiful place. It’s ideal for those who love peace and nature. The water is clear, inviting you in for a swim, while the cliffs keep it private. It’s only a 15-minute hike from central Sorrento, so it’s not hard to reach but remains uncrowded.

Panoramic Views of Sorrento and Capri

Standing in the grotto offers stunning views. On one side, you see the Sorrento peninsula. Look the other way, and the beautiful Capri island awaits you. This spot at the Cape of Sorrento has a unique look at nature around, making it a top spot for visitors.

Baia di Ieranto: A Secluded Cove Perfect for a Romantic Interlude

Ieranto Bay is a hidden gem on the Amalfi Coast. It’s far from the usual tourist paths. You won’t find any roads or signs pointing the way. To get there, you must hike a rough 40 minutes over the mountains. But once you arrive, a peaceful beach with clear, calm water and small coves await, perfect for a romantic moment.

Accessing the Secluded Beach

The journey to Baia di Ieranto is a 40-minute trek over tough paths. This effort lets you discover a secret corner of the Sorrento Peninsula. Since there are no direct roads and little signage, it’s a quiet place. It offers visitors a serene break from the busy spots along the Amalfi Coast.

The Sacred Cove of the Ancient Greeks

The area’s name comes from the Greek word leros, meaning “sacred.” The Greeks felt it was a special place, erecting a monument for the goddess Athena. Once you see the bay, you’ll feel why. Its calm waters and quiet coves create an ideal setting for romance.

Fiordo di Crapolla: Where Ancient Romans Came to Swim

To get to the hidden Fiordo di Crapolla, a 45-minute hike from Sant’Agata sui Due Golfi is needed. The journey includes going down about 650 steps. But, the reward is stunning – natural beauty and olden times greet you.

Descending to the Secluded Fjord

Walking down the path, the sight of the lagoon’s blue waters is breathtaking. Facing this peaceful water stand the remains of a fishing village and a Roman home. They show the deep history of this magical place.

Ruins of an Ancient Fishing Village and Roman Villa

Imagine basking in the sun, knowing the ancient Romans also loved this place 2,000 years ago. Fiordo di Crapolla lets you experience this connection to the past. It’s a rare spot where history, nature, and beauty blend perfectly on the Amalfi Coast.

Hidden Beaches of the Amalfi Coast

Furore: The Iconic Beach Under the Bridge

Between Amalfi and Positano, you’ll find Furore. Here, the Lattari Mountains create a beautiful coastal fjord. This fjord is a hidden gem, not well-known by many, offering a lagoon-like grotto for those who love the sun. It sits close to a striking bridge. Getting here is hard, as the road down is very narrow and steep. It’s almost 1,000 feet down, which only mopeds can tackle. Still, this beautiful spot under the bridge is a favorite for those who do discover it.

Grotta dello Smeraldo: The Most Beautiful Emerald Grotto

Around four miles to the east of Praiano is the stunning Grotta dello Smeraldo (Emerald Grotto). It’s a sea cave filled with amazing formations under the water’s surface. The cave’s bright green waters are just as impressive as Capri’s Blue Grotto. An elevator helps people get down to Conca dei Marini from the main road. From there, you can take a rowboat to see the stunning Green Cave. This makes it quite easy to visit and definitely a place to see on the Amalfi Coast.

Furore Beach

Li Galli Islands: A Remote Island Paradise Great for Snorkeling

The Li Galli Islands or the “sirens” are a trio of islands near the Amalfi Coast. Legend has it that the islands caused shipwrecks by singing to sailors. The islands are Gallo Lungo, La Rotonda, and Isola Dei Briganti.

The Sirens’ Song and Shipwrecks

The biggest island, Gallo Lungo, looks like a dolphin. It’s seen guests like fancy hotel owners, famous dancers, and Mariah Carey. Even though it’s private, boats from Positano will take you there.

Boat Tours and Snorkeling Adventures

These tours get close to the islands’ rocks and let you snorkel in clear water. You can see the rich sea life thanks to the area’s protection as part of a marine reserve. Don’t miss the chance to see these hidden gems of the Amalfi Coast.


What are some of the most hidden and secluded beaches along the Amalfi Coast?

The Amalfi Coast hides many secret beaches. You can find them at Santa Croce, Runghetiello Grotto, and more. Each offers its own unique beauty and charm.

How can I access these hidden beaches and coves?

Accessing these gems often means taking a boat or kayak. Some coves need a hike on a mountain trail. For places without roads like Baia di Ieranto, a 40-minute walk is a must. To see places like Fiordo di Crapolla, prepare for hundreds of steps.

What are some of the unique features and attractions of these hidden beaches?

These secret spots boast picturesque views. Think crescent-shaped coves and caves with emerald waters. Some spots hold ancient history, including a 14th-century queen’s pool. The Fiordo di Crapolla, with its Roman villa ruins, is another example. And don’t forget the legend of the sirens that once lived on the Li Galli Islands.

Can I visit these hidden beaches on my own, or do I need to book a tour?

Certain beaches can be reached without a tour, like Santa Croce and Furore Beach. But for the most remote ones, a guided tour is necessary. This includes spots like the Runghetiello Grotto and the Li Galli Islands. Tours offer swimming and snorkeling, adding to the adventure.

What are the best ways to experience the hidden gems of the Amalfi Coast?

For the best and most private visits, a private boat or kayak tour is ideal. These can take you to places inaccessible by land. Hiking is also an option. It lets you reach the likes of Baia di Ieranto and Fiordo di Crapolla. A bit of extra effort opens the door to the Amalfi Coast’s hidden treasures.

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